Simple DIY Kindy Teacher Gifts!

Our Kindy teachers are amazing!

My two oldest children have been going to our local Kindergarten this year and it has been such a wonderful experience for them.

The teacher are such dedicated advocates for play, they are full of knowledge and experience and I really feel we've hit the jackpot with them <3


At the end of each year we like to give a small gift to show our appreciation to those who have played an important role in our lives during the year. We've done this in the past for swimming coaches, dance teachers, music teachers, football coaches and neighbours.


Generally, these gifts have been a small token and have cost a minimal amount of money. In the past we have made biscuits, given homemade truffles and put together a bouquet of flowers from our garden.



From conversations with the kindy teachers, I knew a gift to do with plants would be greatly appreciated by them all.


This year I have been trying to create gifts that can easily be made by myself and with a little help from my children too.

I went to The Warehouse and found these super cute house plants on a special, they were 5 for $5.00 so I grabbed them and some plastic garden stakes which were $6.99 for a pack of 25.


Next I took a photo of my kindy kids and whipped up a text box with and a simple message of thanks on the computer.

The messages were printed, cut, laminated and cut again before being attached to the garden stakes with double sided tape.

I used some clear cellophane and black ribbon to dress the plants up, before adding the stake with the message attached.


We delivered these to the teachers, along with a Christmas card from our family wishing them a happy Christmas. The teachers were thrilled!


There you have it, a really simple DIY kindy teacher gift!

Do you make your own gifts at the end of the year?

I would LOVE to know what you've done... leave me a comment on this post!

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  • What a lovely idea, Megan. I think homemade presents are fab. However, I’m not much of a baker but my mum is so she made mini Christmas cakes (a special kind with chocolate in!) For all the children’s teachers this year. Come to think of it, I’m fairly sure she has baked all of our teachers’ presents over the years! Maybe something to do with being an ex teacher herself. 😊


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