Rice Bubble Dig

If you're looking for an easy activity to set up for younger children I can safely say this Rice Bubble Dig was a winner with my 1 and 2 year olds!

I found an old pack of rice bubbles hiding at the very back of our kitchen pantry when I was tidying, and rather than dispose of them I thought they would be a great base for an activity.

Simply add the rice bubbles to a bowl or container (big enough to hide objects in) and find some objects your child is familiar with from around the house - puzzle piece, peg, block, figurine etc to hide in there.


You might like to give your child a spoon or scoop to move the rice bubbles or let them explore the texture with their hands.

And to keep the rice bubble mess contained, I put down an old sheet on the floor where the kids were playing and this caught all of the bits which made for an easy tidy up.

I love this activity because it is SO simple to set up, it uses simple materials I have at home and the kids LOVED it!

What are your simple go to activities at home?

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