Nature Scavenger Hunt

A year ago we moved across the city to be closer to the forest and beach because we wanted more of an outdoor lifestyle for our family.

Since then we have enjoyed many trips off the beaten track through the forest and countless visits to the beach. It's been such a wonderful way for us to connect with nature!

Our children were thrilled to get these cute wooden cameras in their Christmas stockings. They are so much fun to use and the perfect size for little hands to grasp.

Our two older children have shown a particular interest in taking photo's of objects they have seen in our garden on trips to the beach and on trips in the car.

I've created this set of 28 Nature inspired Flash Cards to give ideas for objects children can easily look for or take photographs of independently, while out in nature.


These cards are available as a digital download where they are 4 to an A4 size page, making them easy to laminate and cut out to create flash cards.


This is a really fun and engaging way for little learners to connect with nature and I love the fact this playful activity is helping to promote;

  • Problem solving skills
  • Hands on learning opportunities
  • Exercises for the mind and body
  • Identification of objects
  • Concentration for longer periods of time
  • Work on visual memory
  • The development of attention to detail
  • Improvement of vocabulary

If you’d like to create a set of Nature inspired Flash Cards for your little learners, you can grab a set of these printables here!

Happy playing,



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