5 simple tips for stress FREE school mornings!


School mornings can be really tough. There are lunches to make, notices to remember, uniforms to prepare, bags to pack... and that's just for the kids!

Let me share 5 simple tips that will get your kids out the door and off to school, without all the chaos!


 1) Wake Up Early

For the first couple of weeks back at school, start your morning routine 15 minutes earlier than you think you need. As the year goes on, you can always adjust your wake-up times.

This will give you an idea of how long it will take your family to get ready each morning. It will also provide you with extra time in case something doesn't go to plan and you need to reassess your morning routine later on.


2) Get It Done the Night Before

Another great tip is to prepare as much as you can the night before. Making school lunches, laying out clothes, planning breakfast, checking homework and notices are all things that can be done ahead of time, allowing for less stress in the morning. It might also mean that showers and baths are taken at night, especially if your child still needs help with these - make it part of their night time routine.


3) Learn to Delegate

Its easy to get into the habit of doing everything for your child, but you might be suprised at the things they can do themselves!  A new school year is a great time to take a look at the things they can do for themselves and perhaps add a couple of new skills to their morning routine too!

These might include - making breakfast, getting dressed, brushing teeth or tying shoes.

It is important to note that a school morning is not necessarily the best teaching time if you are wanting to help your child learn a new skill. If you are keen to delegate a job you've previously done for them, spend time during a weekend to practice this rather than a bust school morning!


4) Have a Jobs Checklist

A visual checklist is a great way to help children work through their morning routine, and it also lets parents see where they are having trouble and might need more support. You can use either a written checklist that they can mark themselves or verbal checklist where you repeat the jobs your child is expected to do on a school morning until they remember them.

School morning jobs include:

  • Eating breakfast
  • Getting dressed
  • Hair and teeth brushed
  • Shoes on feet
  • Backpack by the door

Check out this simple checklist from Pricelessparenting.com


5) Give Kids an Incentive

For some children mornings will be hard, so an extra incentive may be needed. Giving them the choice to choose their reward once they've completed their jobs is a great way to help them get ready for school. The might choose some T.V time, a game or favourite book to read before leaving the house.


Lastly, keep working at the school morning routine until it works for everyone in your family. If you find you are 5 minutes late each day, perhaps you need to get up 5 minutes earlier. Or maybe there is another solution - like doing a couple more things the night before, simplifying a task or eliminating it from your routine altogether.

I know these simple tips will help to make those school mornings easier and less stressful for everyone in your family!

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  • Super helpful for our first day back at school this year and first day with both kids at school! Starting as we mean to continue – made a huge difference to the mood in our house this morning, and how calmly we got out the door!

  • Thanks for sharing Megan. We got into a pretty good rhythm last year using these tips. This was a great reminder as we head back to school next week and probably need to review what we did and check everyone is on board.

    Ruby McGill
  • Love this. We have found it easier to write out our children’s jobs for the morning – no matter how many times we repeat what needs doing it goes in one ear and out the other for some of our children. A written list to tick off is good! We’ve also asked our children to write out the things they DO like in their lunchboxes (within reason), given there are so many things they DON’T like. We’re hoping this will speed up the before-school prep time. We can only hope! Thanks for sharing this.


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